What Causes Houston Bail Bonds To Be Forfeited

By | February 15, 2014

Forfeited Bail: Learn how to deal properly with Houston bail bonds

Houston bail bonds will be forfeited if you fail to show up in court. Let’s explain how this whole process works. You get arrested, put in a jail, and now you want to get out of jail. The only way that will happen is if you are able to come up with the money required to post bail. Many people simply don’t have the money. Therefore, they turn to Houston bail bonds for help. The money will actually pay the bond, which is typically around 10% of the total amount that is being requested by the jail or court and will be forfeited if the scheduled court appointment date is missed.

Be responsible in dealing with the Houston bail bonds

Because you see, the Houston bail bonds company is essentially stipulating to the court and to the judge that they will be responsible for you showing up at court on the appointed date. This can be problematic for them if you do not show up. In fact, that is called jumping bail. You will get chased by some very angry bail bondsman because you cost them a lot of money. Here’s the thing, if you ultimately choose to work with a Houston bail bonds company, then you need to do everything you can to make sure that you hold up your end of the bargain.

Tips to keep yourself reminded on court appointments under the Houston bail bonds

Get to your court appointments on time. Make sure that you write everything down so you don’t forget. The reason why this is so important is because it will cause a Houston bail bonds to be forfeited if you do not show up in court when you’re supposed to.

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